Syrus Draco (syrus_draco) wrote in bafur,
Syrus Draco

Zoo Drawings - 6/12

Hey guys,

With summer rolling in I wanna see if I can get these zoo drawing sessions going. First one is gonna be on 6/12 (Sunday) Here's some of info. Since I'll be doing these bi-weekly, if you're going to attend often strongly suggest a membership.

San Francisco Zoo

Regular Admission: $15
Student Admission: $12

Membership: (Covers a year of admission for a one time fee)
Individual: $75
Family: $95 (is shared with two persons and has two guest passes)
Student: $45

Parking: $10 (There is free parking just along Sloat that is right next to the zoo)
I believe if you want to go with the Family Membership you can sign up another friend that isn't a family member. So if you want to do a Family Membership see who you can share it with. I plan on being at the zoo entereance at 11:45AM, and then head into the zoo at 12:00PM sharp. The session will end whenever the group feels all finishes, and you can stay or leave whenever you like. The objective of these zoo drawing sessions is to work on improving your drawing abilities. Looking to have helpful group critiques and such, share approaches and techniques. This first run will be a test run to see how many people can come and make it be a regular thing.
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