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Frolic– Saturday May 14th, San Francisco

Trying to post in as many places as I can before my mate finds out I used a photo of him for this month's Frolic flier.  So please, don't point this out to him cause I know he'll try and make me change it, but hopefully it'll be in to many places to take down by then.

Oh, and for any of you who were wondering what happened to the photos from the photo shoot we had set up last month, this is the link to those pics.

Ok, so it's been a whole 5 weeks since the last Frolic.  Feels like forever.  I know I'm stoked and can't wait for it.  Hope you're all getting excited for it to!  We've got some great new dj's lined up this month, for a total of 4 dj's as opposed to our usual 3 dj's.

In his first California public appearance, we've got Bucker Fuskyote, who will be on from 9-10pm. Following him from 10-11, and new to Frolic, but not new to playing out at clubs and events, we've got Mr. Rush. His style is a little harder and grittier for you furs that like your music dirty. For the 11-12:30 set, NeonBunny will be back with a bunch of new tech house, electro, and some of his favorite house tracks. And closing out the night from 12:30-2:00, we've got Tang Li Wheebs, who played back at Frolic in 2010, and played some great dirty beats, dubstep, and house, and has been tearing it up in the bay area party scene since.

Our regular VJ is off surfing in Hawaii and Indonesia, so we've got Skibit who's been putting together some visuals for you folks.

And thanks again to 5pl1c3 for running coat check, Lara for running the door, and Scratch will be back on the go-go platform! And yes, they all accept tips, as do the bartenders, so if you're enjoying yourself, open your wallets to those who help make this night happen!

And this month, we'll also be introducing our biggest fan, the b-air blower. Much smaller than the one we had last month (but still uber-poweful), this one we've tested and we'll be able to turn it on without creating the effect of a jet engine in a small room.

Coat check will once again be open, and once again, free for all fursuit bins. So feel free to check your bin, where it will be secure and safe, until you are ready to fursuit, use the fursuit lounge as you will, and then check your bin when you are done suiting for the rest of the night.

Saturday May14th, 9pm-2am
@ The Stud
399 Ninth Street (@ Harrison), San Francisco
$7 cover, only $3 with fursuit or costume, 21+ with ID.

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