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RainFurrest 2011 Newsletter Volume One

In This Newsletter...

  • Message from our Chairman
  • Guest of Honor Update
  • Hotel Notes
  • Flyer Meme
  • Registration
  • Volunteer!
  • Dealers Room and Art Show
  • Events Updates

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    Message from our Chairman
    I want to take this opportunity to invite all of you to come to RainFurrest 2011, we have lots of amazing things going on, from our Guests of Honor to the new hotel this year, this RainFurrest is shaping up to be great, however the best is yet to come, stay tuned for more announcements throughout the year.

    Loial Otter - Chairman RainFurrest 2011

    Guest of Honor and Special Guest
    We are pleased to announce our two Guests of Honor, Artist Guest of Honor, Tani DaReal and Writing Guest of Honor, Alan Dean Foster, we have also have Special Guest Astolpho. For more information about our many guests, please visit

    Hotel Notes
    As a note we have moved hotels, and are now at the Seattle Airport Hilton, and so far we have currently sold 595+ Roomnights, and are still growing, we have plenty of space still available. Please visit for more information.

    Flyer Meme
    RainFurrest is running a competition for a free sponsorship. For more information please visit We are also pleased to announce our first winner, Sabertooth Ermine, Congrats!.

    RainFurrest Registration is open, preregistration is only $35.00 a $10.00 savings from the at-con price, sponsor and patronships are also available. For more information please visit

    RainFurrest is always looking for more help, to volunteer, please visit

    Dealers Room and Art Show:
    Dealers Room - The RainFurrest Dealers room is now sold out, we have opened a waiting list at this time, for more information, please visit for more information.
    Art Show - The RainFurrest Art Show is open! Please Visit for more information, as a note we are open to mail in artwork.

    Events Updates:
    Rainfurrest Anthology - We are currently working on the RainFurrest Anthology and have 6 great submissions so far and still looking for more, the submission deadline is by March 15th, 2011. For more information, please visit
    Build a Plushie for RainFurrest - We are still looking for more people to enter the "Build a Plushie" contest for RainFurrest, for more information please visit,
    Art Jam Donations - RainFurrest is building an Art Jam Library. We are looking for reference books to provide anatomical reference. If you have books on drawing or animals books you wish to donate, please bring them to RainFurrest, so they can be added to the Art Jam Library.
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