Syrus Draco (syrus_draco) wrote in bafur,
Syrus Draco

Drawing At The Zoo

Hey all,

Going to start going to the SF Zoo on a regular basis to draw the animals there, and was wondering if anyone would be interested in making it a group get together. The objective of these outings would be to draw as much as we can with each visit and learn how to improve from each other. If you're uncomfortable sharing your drawings you don't have to.

Here are some details:
Regular Admission: $15
Student Admission: $12

Membership: (Covers a year of admission for a one time fee)
Individual: $75
Family: $95 (is shared with two persons and has two guest passes)
Student: $45

Parking: $10 (There is free parking just along Sloat that is right next to the zoo)

I believe if you want to go with the Family Membership you can sign up another friend that isn't a family member. If we can get a group going how often should we make this event? Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly? What day of the week should we make these events? Personally I will make it a habit to go weekly so I can get the most of my membership and continue to better my drawing abilities. As for day of the week I'll most likely be doing Sundays for myself, but for a larger group we must keep in mind that a lot of children do attend the zoo and it would be unfair to crowd around an exhibit to draw and steal face time with the animals from them. If we do a weekend we can possibly split up into smaller groups if we are so large.

Curious to see what others out there think and their interest level. :)
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