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Open Casting Call?

Campus MovieFest:
Okay, ladies and gents, I have signed up for the Campus Movie Fest. I have the hardware right now. This is an open recruitment for anybody that would be interested in helping out with this project! As of now, I've only been tossing around some ideas, and mentioned it a couple of times so far. I admit it's short notice, but who knows, this could be just fun to throw together.

Anyways: Objective for this festival is I'm given this equipment (Video editing equipment, that is) for a week, and have that period of time in which to create a five-minute film.

I've tossed around a couple of ideas; Fuzzy and Groggy suggested taking a bunch of fursuiters and doing a Team Fortress 2 style deathmatch with Nerf guns (which is an idea I like, but may not be able to implement). We could go with a "War is hell" theme and have them at the "front lines" dealing with suppressive fire and stuff.

If not that, maybe some sort of documentary, or a drama. I have time to set up a script, I figure, as I have classes all week. Available days for shooting are likely this upcoming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but I would like to get all shooting done over the course of one or two days if possible.

I'm open to suggestions, of course. I haven't decided what sort of film I'd like to put together, and if/if not to request Fursuiters to assist.

Please, PLEASE give me some input on this, I want to be able to get something submitted!

Details here:
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